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Create a Harley Quinn and/or Poison Ivy OC using the Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy maker ONLY! However you cannot make the character of ANY OF THE SUICIDE SQUAD OR ANY OF THE OFFICIAL IVY CHARACTERS!……
Submit them in to the Contest folder (dolls-maker-paradise.deviantar…) to enter.
It should include "DC COMICS" in the description and a link to the game it was created in. If you have an account on DollDivine, please put your screen name in the description of the image. It can be a submission that is in one of the folder already. If it is, just send me a note with the link to the image and I can put it in. You have to put in the info in the description if it is not already there.

The end of the contest will be on Feb 28, 2017

First place prize: :+devwatch:, :llama:, 20 :points: and many :+fav:.  
Second place prize: :+devwatch:, :llama:, 15 :points: and many :+fav:
Third place prize: :+devwatch:, :llama:, 10 :points: and many :+fav:

Use only the maker and do not manipulate the dolls on any outside programs.
You can submit up to three.

Good luck!
I see a challenge, and I will take it with both hands! :)
This oughta be fun. 

Entry added,…
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January 25


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